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Our story is about the goodness of God and His love for His bride, the Church.

In early 2021, God began calling the heart of Senior Pastor Dave Bechtel, a man who had previously shepherded a church from 100 to 3,500 people, out of retirement.  Pastor Dave knew a new church home would require a physical location and mulled over several options. He and others with the same calling to provide a gathering place for Jesus lovers and seekers considered physically building a church, however, that required a lot of money and a couple of years to erect. BUT GOD...Because of God's love, God’s plan turned out to be much more pressing. 

Pastor Dave received a phone call in January 2021 from a gentleman who asked to meet for lunch. The man stated he was looking for a godly man to gift him a church. The church, at that time, was known as Richland Heights Baptist Church and the man's gift not only included the building, but a generous general operating fund, as well.

Pastor Dave formed a vision team consisting of 10 people and met the following Sunday with the church’s current members -- all of which totaled 18 souls. After a vote, we got the green light to proceed and went to work inviting friends we knew who were not attending a church. The next Sunday, our numbers grew to 110. Growth continued and by the end of week 2, it was obvious that we needed to go to 2 services. At the time of this writing, we just completed our 4th week and are blessed with a new church name -- New Heights -- and are 200 souls strong! All souls are hungry for solid spiritual food and none leave disappointed, having received generous portions to feast on, grounded on the Word of God, and warmed by the hearts and hands of those who also attended.

There have been many confirmations that the hand of God is on our new church. One in particular was Miss Betty, a member of the original church for 63 years. Miss Betty was instrumental in keeping the church doors open, even when there were only 8 members. She never gave up continuing to ask God to someday use the old church to further His kingdom. After our third week of operation, Miss Betty passed and went to be with her Savior. Like Simeon in Luke 2:25-35, she was allowed to see her prayers answered and witness the gracious hand of God.

When you visit New Heights Church you will experience a sincere love and excitement for the Lord and His Body. We may not be fancy, but we be blessed! The building may be old, but we have new hearts and God isn't done with any of us until HE says it is time.

So if you have a love for God's Word, are desiring to feast on solid food, and have a desire to join a church where you can actually serve, then New Heights Church is your church, too. We hope you can join us. God bless.