Vision Statement

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Our Vision Statement

Sometimes we see more clearly on our knees with our eyes closed.

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Church Purpose: Make Disciples

Matt. 28:18-20

Making Disciples is the focus for all of our programs and activities. This purpose will be clearly established, frequently communicated, and the results of our efforts will be periodically evaluated. The goal is for all believers to be disciples, challenged and guided to grow in Christ. We will bring a special focus on developing the next generation of church leaders.


Doctrine: (See About Us/What We Believe)


Teaching: Commitment to Expository Bible Teaching

Luke 24:27; II Timothy 2:15; 4:1-4

We believe that teaching excellence is a primary gateway to church growth. The pulpit will be reserved for expository Bible teaching.  Key attributes of our teaching style include engaging, precise, clear, applicable, passionate, and humble. To effectively present the Word and make room for the Holy Spirit to challenge application, the Senior Teaching Pastor oversees the general worship assembly and service flow.


Assembly/Cadence: Weekly General Assembly & Small Group Participation

Acts 2:46-48; Hebrews 10:24-25

New Heights Church is committed to weekly assembly for corporate teaching and worship and to weekly small group participation. The heartbeat of the church is found in the small group ministry. Corporate assembly and weekly small group gatherings will be the focus however, other church programs may be supported given leadership capacity and need, always measured against the Church Purpose.


Church Governance: Congregational Authority Through a Church Constitution

I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9

New Heights Church will be led by Elders, men appointed for a term of three or four years with a required hiatus following each term of service. Effort will be provided to supply meaningful elder accessibility for congregants, members, and small groups. Elders must demonstrate leadership and key personal character traits such as teachability, humbleness, courageous, visionary, godly, mature, meeting biblical requirements.


Growth Orientation: Sense of Urgency to Reach the Next Generation for Christ

John 4:35; II Timothy 2:2

Consideration will be given to how a new fellowship would be organized if the rapture were to happen within the next five years. The church must be committed to frequent honest assessment. Leadership will require periodic evaluation of mission effectiveness. Evaluations would include transparent communication of church metrics, which includes numbers in attendance, growth in membership, number of small groups, number of baptisms, and financial giving. Subjective evaluations of unity, body health, and reputation will also be required. Testimonies of changed lives needs to be shared regularly.


Scalability: Emphasis on Lay Service and a Church Model for Sustained Growth

Ephesians 4:11-16

De-emphasize building and capital investment. Fixed assets will be the lowest priority in the following ranked order: 1) Purpose, 2) People, 3) Programs, and 4) Physical plant. Cultivate a mindset of mutual service for all members and attendees on the discipleship path. Minimize staffing as much as possible by empowering qualified lay service. The church will hire staff only when the job is too big for a volunteer and/or when special skills are needed for strategic growth. Staff will be developed and hired internally whenever possible; staff will be used primarily to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.